About R.R.Mehta College of Science and C.L.Parikh College of Commerce


The district was honored by the state government with an award of Rs. 3 lacs in 1964 in recognition of its fruitful performance in the Small Saving Scheme of Gujarat State Government. Education was a far cry of the toiling illiterate lot in the district. The education experts in the locality considered it to be priority to initiate college education as entire B.K. District is educationally backward and many people are tribal and they reside in the remote area. The Banaskantha District Kelavani Mandal (BKDKM) was established in 1961 with an aim to uplift and educate the students of all castes and classes of Banaskantha. BKDKM, in 1964 with 60% grant, set up the first degree Grant-in-Aid College – in the Faculty of Arts with strength of 100 students in a rented building, Yavar Manzil popularly known as royal house, located in the midst of the town. In 1965, the BKDKM braved to set up in the same building the first Grant-in-Aid Science College in the district. And in 1979, the Mandal, instituted Grant-in-Aid Commerce College.