About R.R.Mehta College of Science and C.L.Parikh College of Commerce


The district was honored by the state government with an award of Rs. 3 lacs in 1964 in recognition of its fruitful performance in the Small Saving Scheme of Gujarat State Government. Education was a far cry of the toiling illiterate lot in the district. The education experts in the locality considered it to be priority to initiate college education as entire B.K. District is educationally backward and many people are tribal and they reside in the remote area. The Banaskantha District Kelavani Mandal (BKDKM) was established in 1961 with an aim to uplift and educate the students of all castes and classes of Banaskantha. BKDKM, in 1964 with 60% grant, set up the first degree Grant-in-Aid College – in the Faculty of Arts with strength of 100 students in a rented building, Yavar Manzil popularly known as royal house, located in the midst of the town. In 1965, the BKDKM braved to set up in the same building the first Grant-in-Aid Science College in the district. And in 1979, the Mandal, instituted Grant-in-Aid Commerce College.

With hardly any funds and no buildings or infrastructure to speak of, the BKDKM established three grant-in-aid colleges. The Mumbai based diamond barons and natives of the district, displayed a philanthropic gesture to step up the educational reforms and financial constraints of BKDKM. Today the BKDKM has established an umbrella of educational institutions to cater the needs of the district learners. The campus of G. D. Modi Vidya Sankul is developed to address vitality of the education in this backward region. The Campus is spread near the state highway. In the year 1986 and 1996, Arts, Commerce, and Science Colleges were moved respectively to this new avenue from the rented building. The Arts College was named after G. D. Modi Arts College. Science and Commerce colleges were merged into one and named as R.R.Mehta College of Science and C.L.Parikh College of Commerce. These bifurcations executed as per the government norms. The G. D. Modi Vidya Sankul houses two grant-in-aid and four self-financed colleges including Law, BCA, BBA and, Arts and Fine Arts Colleges.

With the passage of time, the BKDKM moved to the next stage of inclusiveness in education, which, they asserted, is not limited to four walls of conventional classrooms. To articulate their hidden skills and talents, the BKDKM has facilitated, first of its kind in the HNGU affiliated colleges, turf wicket cricket ground with Rosy Blue pavilion where many inter-college cricket tournaments are, organized. This wide playground is also designed for other sports events. Gymnasium is open for town people. Amphitheatre is designed for cultural and annual events. The air-conditioned hall, with the capacity of around 250 spectators, is for conference, seminar inaugurals and workshops and for indoor cultural events and competitions.

G.D. Modi Vidya Sankul

The BKDKM, over the past more than five decades, played a stellar and leading role in providing quality education for Graduation and Post-Graduation studies, covering a variety of streams. The mantra on the emblem of BKDKM aphoristically signifies its vision and mission, aims, and objectives. Adduced from the Rig Veda, the mantra: || सं वो मनांसि जानताम् || means ‘Let our minds be all of one accord’. The "group mind" of BKDKM focuses the energy of the individuals onto a purpose to uplift the lives of Banaskantha. The emblem mantra has become the line of life for the district students. The BKDKM vision and mission are the true reflections of how their holistic foresight transformed the course of the district in education.

About the College

Since its inception, the College has adopted the BKDKM vision and mission as their apex commitments. College is well versed with them and addressing the sensitivity and inclusiveness of them and has been untiringly working to achieve them. Since the first NAAC accreditation in the year 2004 with B+ Grade, the College has been putting its best foot forward to make the College an epitome of excellence. The college is motivated in 2014 when it was awarded A grade by NAAC. As a part of honest efforts the College is selected for RUSA 2.0, Component of Infrastructure and Development Grant. To encourage distance learning for remote learners, the College runs BAOU and IGNOU Study Centre in English and Guajarati languages in 2001 and 2008 respectively. For the development of soft skills of the students, the College has started Communication Skills and Personality Development classes and State Government sponsored English Language Lab to enhance soft skills. College has started self-financed undergraduate courses in Geology, Zoology, Microbiology, Biology and Mathematics and postgraduate courses in Chemistry, Physics, Botany and Advanced Financial Account. A Boys’ Hostel with mess has also been constructed for the convenience of the economically underprivileged and coming from the remote pockets.

Vision & Mission

To create positive change in Banaskantha through path-breaking educational excellence.

  • Provide education to under privileged students from all communities.
  • Developing better educational aids
  • Provide facilities to students to excel in sports
  • Improving Infrastructure